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Our Turnaround Services

For business owners who recognize the value of an on-site turnaround specialist, we provide immediate peace of mind and a 25-year track record of success.

Our turnaround specialist will immediately come to your business and help you revive your company. You can breathe easy while we do most of the heavy lifting, meet with your bankers and creditors, and guide you through the turnaround of your company.

What Does This Cost?

As you would expect, the fee is determined by the severity of the problem. We do not charge by the hour. Instead, you get our services for a fixed fee. This way, you know before we begin exactly what it will cost to turn your company around, and there will be no surprises.

Business Has Changed. Now What?

Turnaround Consulting

If you're like most business owners, you've sacrificed a lot for your company: worked long hours, borrowed money, and missed family events. Until recently, the business did OK and provided you a nice income.

Today, things have changed. Our economy is in decline, expenses are rising, and you find yourself between a rock and a hard place. You certainly didn't plan for this to happen, but your business is struggling. . . and the pressure is mounting.

What's the answer?

A guided turnaround works well for business owners who realize that trying something different is better than continuing on the present course and risking the life of their business.

Before reaching out for professional help, you naturally have questions, such as:

  • 'What exactly is involved in a turnaround?'
  • 'What about my reputation in the community?'
  • 'Is there a proven strategy I can rely on?'

You can rehabilitate almost any business by making it smaller and controlling the cash, while you develop a turnaround plan your creditors will accept.

A guide to accomplish this is the Turnaround Roadmap. It's based on a turnaround procedure our turnaround specialist developed during 25 years of helping clients revitalize their companies.

The Turnaround Roadmap is particularly effective for business owners who have the following characteristics:

  • A strong work ethic and the will to succeed;
  • Maturity to know their company needs something other than more money to heal itself and stay healthy; and
  • Manage a business with annual revenue greater than $2 Million.

How Does This Work?

When you hire us as your turnaround consultant, we will develop a custom turnaround plan for your business and help you implement it.

  • First, we will stabilize your cash flow so we can calm things down with your creditors.
  • Second, we will conduct a series of tests to diagnose your business problems. Based on the results, we'll recommend solutions, prepare a cash forecast, and develop a written turnaround plan for your company.
  • Third, we will prepare a series of action items and help you implement them as you guide the turnaround to a successful conclusion.

Most consulting engagements take several months. In difficult cases, additional time may be required. Experience Matters. If you were looking for a medical specialist to treat a life-threatening condition, you'd naturally want one who knows what he's doing. We've been doing turnarounds since 1988. A long list of clients have successfully turned their companies around and regained their profitability. It's a reasonable bet you can, too.

Are We The Right Specialist For You? The answer depends on several factors. We produce the best results for clients who have the will to fix their companies and who can adapt to modest change. However, there isn't much we can do if you believe that borrowing more money will heal an unprofitable business.



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